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About us

ABOUT Body Bedazzle

We truly believe in and embrace the philosophy “BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL”.

Each person is uniquely beautiful and so is their idea of what it means to be beautiful. It is our mission to help our community realize this important concept and live a beautiful life.

We want our readers to know it is ok to express their inner beauty in their own way – without prejudice or judgment. Social conventions are outdated. Now is the time to commit to individuality.

WHO is Body Bedazzle for?

Body Bedazzle is for those who dare to be different.

We encourage everyone to explore their creativity.

Through community forums and informative article series, our readers can learn about the latest trends in beauty. Whether that is with vibrant nail art or spectacular complex upper back tattoos (or what we like to refer to as body canvas art).

At Body Bedazzle we thrive on engaging with our readers. We love to interact with our community via our social media pages – so if you haven’t already JOIN THE COMMUNITY and FOLLOW US.

We love hearing from our readers and sharing their latest expressions of beauty and uniqueness so we always welcome community feedback and involvement.

HOW Body Bedazzle work?

The team at Body Bedazzle sources the latest trends from across the globe to deliver quality and accurate information direct to our readers.

We have representatives in each continent including North America, Europe and South East Asia. Which means we have the unique advantage of a multicultural perspective on style, beauty and fashion. 

Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the know about the latest in beauty design and body art. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or requests for trends you would like us to cover. We sincerely wish the best to all our readers. The Body Bedazzle Team