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Attractive Nail Polish Ideas for Fall


The leaves are starting to yellow and the winds are getting chilly, but that doesn’t mean the year is starting to turn for the worse. At Body Bedazzle we choose to look on the positive – and to us, this means we can whip out Attractive Nail Polish Ideas for Fall!

We love this part of the year because we can start to play with the browns and yellows with undertones of pinks and reds in our nail polish art. If you have some creative flair you can even do it yourself at home and add some unique nail polish designs that include leaves and gradient tones to represent the changing of the seasons.

In this article we are going to try give you the best Fall inspiration for your nail art designs. Our goal is to get you excited about the possibilities that you can create with matching your nail art with your Fall outfits. We are also going to take it one step further and give you the hottest trending colors/tones of nail polish this year. So continue reading and get ready to be inspired!

To get the creative juices going check out some of these inspirational nail polish ideas for fall:

source: glamoutfitstrend.com
source: decorunhouse.com

Attractive Nail Polish Ideas for Fall – Leaves

What is better to represent Fall than the falling of the leaves from the trees? We love the idea of this imagery and always jump at the opportunity to include these concepts in our nail art designs.

You saw some references to leaves in the designs above, however, the nail art that follows make this concept the centerpiece of the design.

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We do have to warn beginners that leaves are not the easiest of designs to craft on your small nail canvases (especially with only one hand). However, with a bit of practice, your leaf design skills will improve over time. If you are not confident with your artistic skills, you could always source some acrylic nails that have leaf designs, or even get your favorite nail artist to design them at your salon.

At Body Bedazzle we always encourage our community to give things a go, so here are some designs to provide some inspiration…

source: foliver.com

Attractive Nail Polish Ideas for Fall – Burnt Orange

This has got to be one of our favorite colors for Fall. Burnt orange is one of the hottest colors you can splash onto your nails this year. The deep tones of orange with that hint of brown make for an eye-catching design.

This fall try to work burnt orange into your designs, or you could simply use a glittery burnt orange nail polish as a solid-colored nail art design for some stunning results.

source: pepecazi.win

Attractive Nail Polish Ideas for Fall – Teal Green

Generally speaking, this wouldn’t be your number-one choice of color for nail polish. However, when it comes to teal green, there is no better time to try than in Fall. Somehow the teal green fits right in during fall, with the skies becoming a bit more overcast and the days wetter. The Teal green adds to the moody nature of the season and can really complement your fall outfits.

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Due to the dominating nature of the color, if you are going to use teal green in your designs, you would be wise to make it the feature color. The tones of teal green is quite strong, therefore drawing the most attention of the eyes of anyone admiring your designs. Teal green also works nicely as a solid design that complements your darker fall ensembles.

Here are some different tones of teal green nail art designs to give you some ideas to work with during this season.


We hope we have been able to get you excited about Fall this year. It truly is a wonderful season to experiment with your designs and colors for your nail art. As we always say at Body Bedazzle, be your own beautiful! Be daring and use colors in ways you have never used before.

Be brown. Be orange. Be yellow! Just be your beautiful self!

If you found these Fall ideas useful, please share the inspiration with your friends and family using the share icons on this page.

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