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Cute Small Tattoos - Our Favorites Collection

Looking for cute small tattoo designs? or maybe some simple tattoo ideas? Then you have found the perfect collection of our favorite cute small tattoos designs.

We’ve collated our favorite designs for women to showcase as body art. The brilliant thing about small tattoo’s are that they can be discrete and small enough to hide when needed. But when they are noticed, it is like finding a small gift. You’d be surprised how many compliments you will receive once the tattoo does get noticed - more so than the larger more intricate designs!

Small Tattoos are also good for beginner tattoo enthusiasts. They are not overbearing and won’t overwhelm the tattoo owners due to their small nature.

You also have the positives of a shorter time in the chair when receiving your tattoo - as well as a lower price tag. Depending on the intricacies of the tattoo you will be looking at a price tag anywhere between $50 - $250 for the design.

How long does a small tattoo take?

At Body Bedazzle we have received quite a few questions about small tattoos so we thought we’d try and tackle the most common ones.

Many individuals diving taking their first dip into the tattoo world want to know what they are in for. One of the first questions asked is how long does it take to get a tattoo done?

How long will it take to get cute small tattoos?

  • You can expect a small tattoo, roughly the size of a quarter coin piece, to take around an hour in the chair.
  • Of course this will change depending on the complexity of the tattoo, such as colors, details and full colored areas in the design.

Our Favorite Cute Small Tattoos Gallery

So without keeping you waiting let’s dive right in...


So there you have it - our favorite Cute Small Tattoos of all time.

We hope you have found your favorite from our gallery above. There was a bit of everything for everyone in the gallery, small tasteful tattoos, discrete tattoos, and even the odd cheeky one thrown in with the mix!

If you didn’t find the ‘one’ hopefully the designs have given you some inspiration or food for thought!

Got a favorite cute small tattoo? Send in a pic to Who knows...maybe you can be the one that provides some inspiration to our community!

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