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Most Creative Nail Polish Art Designs


At Body Bedazzle, we are all about creativity! We believe creativity needs to be expressed by each and every individual. It also just makes this crazy world a better place.

So in honor of creativity, we are putting together a collection of the MOST CREATIVE NAIL POLISH ART DESIGNS to provide you with some inspiration to get your creative on!

What makes a nail art polish art design creative?

Before we showcase our favorite creative designs, let’s define the criteria that we used to determine which designs were deemed ‘creative’.


Generally speaking, for a piece of nail art to be creative, it needs to be unique. This means that it should not be an exact copy of another design. Designs can certainly take some influences from other designs and use elements to complement the original piece of nail art. However, we wouldn’t consider a design unique (and creative) if a color was substituted out for another.

Pushes beyond creative boundaries

This one is a bit arbitrary, and will be subjective to the eye of the beholder, however we like to see designs that go beyond the usual duties of nail art designs. For example, rather than just having each nail with the same pattern and design, we like to see individual nails having their own place in the overall design. A great example, is the creative nail polish art design below that shows a tree design using three separate nails (this one is a favorite!).

source: pshiiit.com

Tells a story

Sounds impossible right? Telling a story on a set of five nails?! Well in some cases, a set of creative nail polish art designs can be effective in telling a story (albeit a short story). We consider this to be a perfect way to showcase creativity. It is almost like a comic strip. These designs also make great talking points in conversation and can really break the ice in social situations.

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A Polished Design

We always encourage our Body Bedazzle community to give things a go and DIY whenever possible. However for this set of judging criteria we have imposed a quality check on the creative nail polish art designs. After all, if the designs are unpolished, the creativity won’t be as effective and will not shine through to the eye of the beholder.

Now we understand that you can cheat with acrylic nails, so to be fair to the DIYers at home, we have awarded bonus points to self-created creative nail polish art designs.

Our Favorite Creative Nail Polish Art Designs (in no particular order)

source: creativenaildesignbysue.com
source: globeandnail.blogspot.com
source: chalkboardnails.tumblr.com
source: chalkboardnails.tumblr.com
source: copycatclaws.blogspot.ca
source: cherrycherrybeauty.com
source: prettydesigns.com
source: ashleynatx.wordpress.com
source: coinoku.com
source: coinoku.com
source: instagram.com


To be honest, putting together this collection of creative nail polish art designs wasn’t too hard. We were so impressed with most of the designs we came across on our search. We love seeing people expressing their inner creativity and show casing it for the world to admire and appreciate.

Our goal with this collection was to inspire your inner creativity and to encourage you to try something new for your next set of nails.

Please send in pics of your next creative projects and share with the Body Bedazzle community. Also don’t forget to hit the share icons to inspire your friends and family.

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