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Best Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Designs

Planning for a night on the town with your friends? Or maybe you have a Halloween party coming up? You may want to consider some GLOW IN THE DARK nail polish designs for your next evening engagement to add some wow to your ensemble.

Glow in the dark nail art designs are a great way to show off your creative side and are a great conversation starter for those social events.

It may seem a bit intimidating and you may think that it is best left to the professionals, however you for those of you with a creative flair, there are some great glow in the dark nail polishes on the market.

For the rest that would rather go to their local salon, acrylics are a great alternative for glow in the dark nail polish designs - and we'll showcase some of our favorites later on in this article.

What makes a Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Design work?

Before we get in some examples of nail polish designs, let's look at some of the fundamental characteristics of good glow in the dark designs and why they work to capture the eye of onlookers.

Contrasting Patterns

Since you are only really working with two tones (glowing green and black), you will have to look at designs that work well with two colors only. Also since on all occasions you will have to showcase the designs in the dark, you can't have too much detail in the pattern. This really leaves good contrasting patterns like zig zags and designs that cross over several nails.


Another way to utilize the glowing features is to have the glowing polish gradually fade. This gives what we call a gradient effect and can produce really stunning results. Try using a complementing color that will look good when you have the nails in daylight or well lit areas.

Studs or Gems

Another common feature in glow in the dark designs are the use of gems or studs. Not only does it provide a great contrast against the glowing polish, it also looks great in naturally lit areas as nail art - giving great effect for both night and day showcasing.

Really you are only limited by your imagination. You will find some really creative ideas and designs in our favorites collection (below). But like we always like to encourage with our your own kind of beautiful.

Glow in the Dark Nail polish Designs - Our Favorites

Here is what you have been looking for. A gallery of Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Designs (apologies for the image quality in some of the photos - given the nature of the topic, not many camera phones do well in dark scenes).

source: instagram
source: nailbestideasl.mazibu
source: makeupe.dasbest


Glow in the dark nail polish designs are great for many occasions. They offer a unique way to express your creativity and playfulness through design and beauty.

We hope you have gleaned some inspiration from the designs and ideas we have touched on in this article. We love to see our communities unique designs, so please send in pictures to share and inspire like-minded readers.

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