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Glitter Nail Art Designs

There is nothing like adding some bling to your nails with some glitter nail art designs.  Actually you would be hard pressed to find a girl who doesn't love some type of glittery style to their nails. Let's take a look at some of our favorite nails that feature glitter accents that will spark some creative designs of your own.

What is Glitter Nail Art?


To put it simply, glitter nail art is any nail designs that incorporate some element of bling or sparkle.

How the sparkle is incorporated can vary a lot and will depend on personal preference.

The glittery element can be as subtle as a single rhinestone on the little finger nail design, through to embedded glitter stars and butterflies within the nail itself (such as the picture above.

Subtle Glitter Nail Designs

Here are a few of our favorite nail art designs that use a subtle approach to glitter. The key in using a softer approach is to let the glitter complement the design, rather than overwhelm with too much sparkly elements.

subtle glitter nail art

If you look at the use of glitter in the above image, you will see that even though there is quite a bit of glitter on each nail, it isn't too intense to overwhelm the design of the nails. The choice of glitter color also helps to blend in with the nail polish color and skin tone.

Here are a few more examples where the glitter acts as a supporting role, rather than the star of the show.

In Your Face Glitter Nail Art Designs

Some people love to flaunt their nail art designs - and to be honest, why shouldn't they? Its like we always encourage at Body Bedazzle -- be your own kind of beautiful!

So for those who love to shine, adding glitter and a shiny element in their nail art is a must. So let's take a look at some designs where the glitter is the star that will catch the eyes of people passing by.


You can't deny the above nail art design is striking and beautiful at the same time with the rose gold glitter and silver embossing. It is almost like pieces of jewelry have been glued onto the finger nails.


The nail art design in the above image would not have the same impact without the gold glitter to add another layer of texture. Not only does it provide for sparkle and shine, the gold glitter creates an elegance that would otherwise be missing if not for the glitter.

Check out these other OTT glitter designs.


Glitter Nail Art Designs are a constant favorite among the Body Bedazzle community. The glitter adds another layer of intrigue into your designs. Not only can they complement your outfit and evening purse. They can also be an effective accessory for your summer outfit - especially when the glitter sparkles in the sunlight.

If you found some inspiration from our collection of favorite Glitter Nail Art Designs, please send in a photo to share with the Body Bedazzled community. We always welcome any type of design - remember to be your own kind of beautiful!

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