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Cute and Easy Nail Art for Occasions

Cute and easy nail art designs are en vogue at the moment. Nothing says inner beauty better than a set of cute nails! Discover some new designs for your next nail session and rock those new nails today!

Easy and Cute Nail Art Design

If you are looking for an excuse or occasion to sport some new cute nail art designs, you can't go past a good holiday event. Here are some of our favorite cute simple nail designs for holiday occasions...

Cute Easter Nail Art Designs

Nothing is cuter than a pair of little bunny ears and a button nose smiling back at you from some freshly polished nails. Or maybe try some tasteful Easter egg nail art designs for a touch of difference. Check out some of our cute Easter nail designs for some fun and creative inspiration.

Having fun with your nail art designs can be a very therapeutic process. Not only can you relieve stress by exploring your creative side. They are also a great conversation starter with friends, family and work colleagues. Providing good opportunities to connect with other people.

You can see from our favorites collection not all the Easter designs have to be colorful and outrageous. For those of you who are after a more subdued and classy look, check out the designs that have pastel tones.

Halloween Cute and Easy Nail Art Designs

Another great time for fun and creative nail art designs is Halloween!

Now is the time to explore your dark side with some unique and creative Halloween fun. You can have some innocent, cute nail art fun with pumpkins and ghosts. Or you can go the whole nine yards with some bloody effects that work nicely into costumes.

Some some inspirational Halloween nail art designs check out our collection and get your spook on!

Because there are so many characters and themes involved with Halloween, you can really explore some creative designs with your nail art fun. And if you are one of those individuals who love to dress for the occasion, you can go to town with the props in your nail art. Such as gems and dress rings that blend into your nail art. If anyone questions your extravagance, just excuse yourself by getting into the spirit of Halloween!

Cute and Easy Christmas Nail Designs

'Tis the season to be cute and merry. Jump nails deep in to the Christmas fun with some cute and easy nail art designs. Not only is Christmas the perfect occasion to whip out those gaudy jumpers. You can create nail art designs to perfectly complement the festivities.

Now you don't have to stick with the traditional green,red and white colors for Christmas (although there is nothing wrong with it). Have some fun with your nail art designs and explore some glitter and gem designs.

Now if these nail art designs don't get you in the festive mood I don't know what will! We love the cute nail art designs that have the snowmen and snowflakes. How much more quintessentially Christmas can you get?

It also shows that you don't have to stick to the same old colors. Incorporating your own personal preferences is what makes the nail art fun and unique.


Showing your creativity with nail art designs is one of the best ways to 'get into the spirit' of occasions like Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

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