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Simple and Easy Nail Art at Home (for Beginners)

Are you looking for simple and easy nail art to do at home? Nail art is a simple and fun way to express your inner beauty.  However many think to have glamorous nails you have to pay a small fortune. We're here to tell you that you can achieve beautiful nails on a budget and from within the comfort of your own home.

simple and easy nail art design

If you are looking for inspiration to finally take the plunge or do your very own nails, you are in the right place. We have designed this article to cater for all levels. Whether you are after some beautiful ideas for your next nails session, or you want to learn the basics of getting started with painting your own nails.

So let's now look at some stunning (but simple) nail designs you can do at home. Because at Body Bedazzle we are of the opinion that sometimes less is more.

Simple and Easy Nail Art - Pretty in Pink Pastels

simple and easy nail art at home

These pretty in pink nails are a versatile design. Both suitable for casual or formal occasions, the rose gold glitter will surely catch the eyes of passers by. We especially like to showcase these nails at the beginning of summer as the pastels complement most summer outfits.

Instructions for Pretty in Pink Pastels:

  1. Start with the foundations by applying two coats of the stark white nail polish. If you want to be creative and have different undertones shine through you can change the white for shades of fuschia or magenta.
  2. Coat a thin nail art brush in the top layer color (pastel pink in the above image) and create your unique design for each nail. Note: in this nail art design each nail is unique and will create intrigue as onlookers will want to see each and every design.
  3. Now use the glitter polish to accentuate the pastel colors and create a touch of glamour.
  4. Finish the design by applying a clear coat at the top. This has two purposes, to seal the design in and also protect the nail art from damage.

Simple and Easy Nail Art Two Toned Nails

two toned simple and easy nail art

This design is a simple yet very effective nail art design that anyone can achieve from home.

The idea behind this design is to have one color as the primary (main) feature. The other color is a contrasting tone that turns what would be a dull monotone design, into a fashion piece.

Instructions for Two Toned Nails:

  1. We like to be prepared, because there is nothing worse than trying to maneuver or hold things with wet nails. So before anything is applied, cut four fine strips of Scotch Tape that will create the pattern on one nail.
  2. Apply the foundation layers with two coats of the primary color of the nails.
  3. After the foundation layers have dried position the tape strips into a crisscross pattern.
  4. Now use the contrasting color nail polish to cover the nail with the tape pattern.
  5. Slowly and carefully remove tape to reveal bottom layers and allow to dry.
  6. Finish the design by applying a clear coat at the top. This has two purposes, to seal the design in and also protect the nail art from damage.

Simple and Fun DIY Polka Dot Nail Design

polka dot simple nail art design

If you are in the mood for fun, you cannot go wrong with colorful polka dots. Using polka dots is a simple and easy nail art design you can achieve at home without the hefty price tag. The great thing is, you the designs do not require much artistic flair and you can use old nail polish colors laying around the house.

Instructions for Polka Dot Nail Design:

  1. Start by applying two coats of your choice of base color nail polish (for the above design, it would either be a matte or pearl white)
  2. Find a bobby pin or the thin nail art brush and dip the end into your first feature colored nail polish.
  3. Carefully press the pin/nail art brush onto your nail to draw a polka dot.
    Note: Varying the pressure of your dot will vary the size of your polka dot.
  4. Repeat the step 3 until you achieve desired pattern and design.
    TOP TIP: try to think ahead or have a design image at hand so you can complete your design for each color. As opposed to constantly switching between different color nail polish.
  5. To finish, use a clear nail polish to seal in the design and protect it.

Simple and Easy French Manicures (at home)

easy french manicures from home

Classic, elegant and simply divine. Are the words that come to mind when you see a professionally designed set of French manicured nails. We have broken down the steps involved in mastering the French manicure from your very own home. Professional Tip - use your creativity and mix it up from the typical white French tips. Use some glam like the bails pictured above to express your own individual creativity.

Instructions for easy and simple French Manicures:

  1. Apply your base coat of nail polish. We prefer natural looking tones for the classic French manicure look. However the choice is entirely yours.
  2. A great home tip is once the base coat is dry, hold a rubber band over the nail leaving the tip of the nail exposed. Adjust the distance of the rubber band from the tip as desired.
  3. To finish, apply a coat of lacquer to seal and protect the French manicure.


Designing your very own nail art design is a matter for confidence. All is required is some practice and patience. Once you have a few simple designs mastered, you will feel confident in attempting more decorative and unique designs. And from there, the only real limitation is your creativity.

At Body Bedazzle we always encourage our community to express their inner beauty through these creative outlets. Nail Art Design is perfect for those individuals who want subtle expressions of creativity.

Please send in your nail art designs to be featured on our website for inspiration for other fellow body bedazzle members.

Finally, if you liked our article, Simple and Easy Nail Art at Home (for beginners) please share it with your friends and family using the share icons located on this page.

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