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Top Care Tips for Newly Polished Nails


So you’ve invested the time and money for professionally designed nails at your favorite salon. But now you are finding it hard to function in your day-to-day living. Never fear, because we have compiled the Top Care Tips for Newly Polished Nails for our Body Bedazzle community.

Our goal is that by the end of this article, you will be equipped with a range of top tips and tools to manage all your daily routine with beautifully polished nails.

Top Care Tips for Newly Polished Nails

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Respect the Nail!

First and foremost we need to get your frame of mind right. Your nails are not tools. They should not be used to open things, mark things, scratch things or even slice or cut things. That is what scissors and knives are for. If you are really in a predicament and you are tempted to use your nails as part of a utility belt, please for the sake of your nails ASK SOMEONE TO DO IT!

I know it sounds harsh and strict, however with a bit of willpower and concerted effort, you will find that you are actually more resourceful than you think.

Protection and Prevention

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When you are performing daily chores such as washing dishes or laundry, try to make it a habit to use protective gloves.

Yes, you may go through a few pairs when your nails pierce the gloves. However, by protecting your beautiful nails from coming in contact with water and harsh chemicals, they will last longer and maintain their shiny appearance.

Nourish from within

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Did you know nails are actually similar to the materials our hair is made up of? And where do you think the hair and nails are produced from? That’s correct – our body. So it makes sense that if you maintain a healthy diet and harmonious body, you will produce healthy hair and nails. Healthy nails are less likely to chip and break, meaning longer-lasting nails art designs.

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We recommend a healthy and well-balanced diet with lots (we mean a lot) of water. After all our body is primarily made up of water, therefore it is critical to hit your two to three liters of water per day.

Keeping up with your water will also mean healthy cuticles and skin. Particularly important for the proper formation of the nails and helping to prevent bacteria and disease from entering the nail.

For Goodness Sakes – Stop Biting your Nails!

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This one is similar to our first top tip – respect your nails! If you are a biter, I’m sorry to say you are going to struggle to produce healthy nails for any nail art designs to be painted on.

This tip is also somewhat related to our other tip – protection and prevention. If you use your nails to taste foods or any type of cooking, you are going to expose them to unsavory substances that will contribute to their degradation. We recommend using a spoon or other utensils if you are ever presented with such a situation.

Use Quality Products

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The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies here. If you are using cheap products for your nail art designs, you cannot expect it to last for months – even with the right care and consideration.

When given the opportunity, always opt for quality products for your nails. Not only does it last longer, but generally speaking you will the good quality products are less likely to have as toxic chemicals as the cheaper versions.

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With our list of Top Care Tips for Newly Polished Nails, you can be assured your nails will maintain their newly polished look for longer and go the distance. It may be challenging when you first start out, however, if you practice enough and maintain a mindful mindset, you will be able to overcome any obstacle that presents itself.

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